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Individual Health (Under 65)

Life comes at you fast, that's why it's important to safegard yourself, your health, and even your financial future -- now. Let's talk about health insurance quotes, today. So we can safegard you for a better future tomorrow. 


Dental work can be expensive, but having insurance can knock those bills down drastically -- and we're talking about potentially saving hundreds or thousands per year. If you're in the market for dental work, you're in the market for dental insurance too.


Protecting your vision is important. Without your vision, you suffer. It's impairitive that you find the right vision insurance that works for you. Click the link below, and I'll help you find the best possible vision insurance policies at the best possible prices. 

Medicare Supplement

A Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance, sold by private companies, can help pay some of the health care costs that Original Medicare doesn't cover, like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are new health care options that are part of the Medicare program. Coverage may include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage as well as hospital, doctor, skilled nursing, and other medical services.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is the federal government's prescription drug program that covers both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at participating pharmacies in your area.


Your Trusted Insurance Professional: Diane Falcon

Health Insurance Broker, Diane Falcon, has been providing expertise for nearly a quarter century to consumers and small employer groups. Throughout the years, the emphasis has been on providing dedicated service, while building long-term relationships through trust.


Diane is appointed with all of California's leading insurance carriers. She will carefully listen to your needs and present you with options. Individuals, employers, and their employees, all need access to healthcare, with built-in financial protections. Diane takes a personal approach to every aspect of her business - from assessing client needs to shopping the marketplace.


Timely communication and prompt response are key service points that Diane delivers daily. Once enrollment is complete, she continues to provide service for the term of the policy.

She has a bachelor's degree in business management from University of Redlands. While being an insurance broker is Diane's primary avocation, she is also a residential property manager. She was awarded the Girl Scout Lifetime Award; and is a Gold Award recipient of the Presidential Service Award, for providing 500+ volunteer hours per year.
Diane is married, has one grown daughter, and two hound dogs.
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Experience     Dedication     Trust

Appointed with all of California's name brand insurance carriers.



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